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          About Our Company

          The J.M. Smucker Company is an iconic American company founded in 1897. Guided by a vision to engage, delight, and inspire consumers through trusted food and beverage brands that bring joy throughout their lives, Smucker has grown to be a well-respected North American marketer and manufacturer. Our balanced portfolio of leading and emerging, on-trend brands spans pet food and pet snacks, coffee, and consumer food and natural beverage.

          For more than 120 years, our Company has remained under the constant leadership of our founding family – the Smucker’s. We are proud to have fostered success through five generations of family leadership by focusing on long-term growth and embracing a foundation of strong principles and clear communication.

          Today, the Company remains rooted in our Basic Beliefs of Quality, People, Ethics, Growth, and Independence established by our founder and namesake, Jerome Monroe (J.M.) Smucker, more than a century ago. We strongly believe that our unique culture is foundational to our Company’s success and the sustained passion of our employees.

          When we talk about our culture, we are referring to an environment that engages our employees, inspires passion for our brands, and makes people proud to work here — an atmosphere where everyone makes a difference.


          In 1897, Jerome Monroe Smucker founded a small, custom cider mill in Orrville, Ohio. With a surplus of local apples said to be cultivated by Johnny Appleseed, J.M. began crafting his homemade cider and apple butter. J.M. peddled his first products in stone crocks, sold door to door from the back of his horse-drawn wagon. Each crock bore a hand-signed seal as his personal guarantee of quality. Today, every jar of Smucker’s? traditional fruit spreads continues to bear his signature as our continued commitment to quality.