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          A Career at Smucker

          Our employees are passionate about preserving and strengthening our unique culture where every employee is proud to work and makes a difference.

          Ours is a simple but effective management approach that has stood the test of time, weathered complex business environments, and evolved with our business through the years.

          This management approach is rooted in our People Basic Belief. We firmly believe that:

          • Every employee makes a difference.
          • An inclusive environment and diverse organization strengthens our Company and enables every employee to reach their full potential.
          • Highest quality people produce the highest quality products and services.
          • Highest business ethics require the highest personal ethics.
          • Responsible people produce exceptional results.
          • Our culture is sustained and brought to life every day by the people of Smucker.


          Competitive compensation and benefit programs serve as the foundation of our benefits programs.

          View Our Benefits
          Employee Development

          We have a history of hiring employees for a career, not just for an individual job.

          View Employee Development
          Work Environment

          Our culture and work environment reinforce our Basic Beliefs and Commitment to Each Other.

          View Our Work Environment https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/jms-s3-cx-rel-p-pmc4-jmsmucker/assets/jmsmucker/images/careers/landing-tiles/Location Map.jpg